Football (Boys + Girls)


Player Registration will open to all returning players (and/or their sibling(s) registering for the first time) on Monday 1 February 2021.


For new and clearance/transferring players; Registration will open on Monday 15 February 2021.


Note! Registrations will close once the cap number has been reached or no later than1 April 2021, whichever occurs sooner!



In 2021, we have decided to keep Registrations and payments separate.  Upon completion of the Registration process, Danielle Dale, the Treasurer will be in touch to provide you an invoice for payment.  Details on Registration fees are listed below.


Note! The Ballarat Football + Netball League (BFNL) have a player cap of 40 players for Football U9s and player cap of 50 players for Football U11-U17.  Upon reaching this capped figure, Registrations will close in SportsTG and no further Registrations will be accepted.  If this notification appears, please contact Carli Rattray at registrar@darleyjnrfnc.com.au and Shannon Closter at football@darleyjnrfnc.com.au confirming your child(s) details.  Carli Rattray and/or Shannon Closter will communicate with you as to placing your child/children onto a “waiting list” where you will be notified as soon as position becomes available under your child(s) age group.


To avoid disappointment, please register your child as soon as possible.


Football: Returning Players


All returning players are to register online through SportsTG (links to Boys + Girls Footy above).  Please note that you are to sign in using your email address and password you used to register previously.  If you do not know your email address and/or password; or you are having any difficulties with the Registration process; please contact Carli Rattray on 0407 400 854 or send an email to Carli Rattray at registrar@darleyjnrfnc.com.au.


Football: New Players

You will need to create a Passport SportsTG account.  Please follow the instructions for this process on link below.  Once this has been completed, it will take you to the Registration process (link above).




Transitioning from Auskick

Children wishing to become a Darley Devil and have already registered and participated in Auskick; please register online through SportsTG by selecting the option “I am registering to participate in Australian Rules Football for the first time”.  Upon completion of your child(s) details and Date of Birth, the database will recognise your child’s Auskick record allowing you to register with the Darley Junior Football + Netball Club.


Football: Clearance/Transfers


If you are currently playing at another club and wishing to become a Darley Devil, you will require a clearance.  Please email Carli Rattray on registrar@darleyjnrfnc.com.au who will be in touch with you to take you through this process.  The clearance process is in below link:






All Netball Registrations are to be completed online through the link provided above where it states “Become a Devil Netball”.


As we have done with the Boys and Girls football, we are keeping the Club Registrations and payments separate. Upon completion of the Registration process, Danielle Dale, the Treasurer will be in touch to provide you with an invoice for payment.  Details on Registration fees are listed below.


Note! The only payment required through MyNetball is the VNA Registration fee.  Please select Darley Junior Football Netball Club when processing.  This must be processed through MyNetball.  A netballer will not be allowed to take the Court without the VNA payment being made in full.  This is a separate expense to the DJFNC Registration Fee.


If you have any issues or wish to discuss any of the above or the MyNetball Registration process, please contact Vanessa Schicchitano on 0419 775 333 or by email on netball@darleyjnrfnc.com.au or Carli Rattray on 0407 400 854 or by email on registrar@darleyjnrfnc.com.au.




Football U9s


Football Boys U11-U17


Football Girls U13-U18





Each subsequent sibling/child will receive $20.00 discount from their Registration fees.


NOTE! 2020 Registration Payments where refunds were not given!

All families, where refunds were not provided in Season 2020, have the option to donate this payment to the club OR roll it over for payment for the 2021 Season.  Please email Danielle Dale at treasurer@darleyjnrfnc.com.au to confirm which option you decide so that we can update our records.


Payment Arrangements


We do offer families the option to enter into a payment arrangement.  If this is something you would like to do please contact Danielle Dale at treasurer@darleyjnrfnc.com.au.  All payment plans need to be finalised and paid in full by the first round of the 2021 season, details will be communicated by email; upon confirmation of the payment arrangement.


2021 Fixtures – all Players


These will be communicated on all our social media platforms (Facebook + the DJFNC Teams App) early March 2021.  If you do not have the Team App installed onto your mobile device, please follow the steps outlined below. 


Find us on Team App


Click on the above button or download 'Team App' from the Apple or Google Play app store.
Sign up to Team App. You will be sent an email to confirm your registration.
Log into the App and search for "Darley Junior FNC".
Choose your applicable access group(s).
If you don't have a smartphone go to darleyjuniorfnc.teamapp.com to sign up and view this App online.



Most of our communication is generated from the DJFNC Team App, therefore it is really important that you have this app installed onto your mobile device to ensure you are up to date with all communications for the 2021 Season.


We look forward to seeing you all in season 2021!


Go Devils!